What Coull Coaching offers and what happens on first contact?

In a no obligation discussion by telephone or Skype, Susan explains in simple terms what coaching will involve. Coaching is a conversation between 2 people using a proven technique of careful Listening and Questioning. We discuss, in broad terms, what it is you want to achieve and to use the thinking space for.  Eg, it could be around developing your career, yourself, your business or your relationships. We then discuss if we want to go ahead with the first session.

What can I expect at the first Session?

Sessions typically last 60-90 mins and are driven, with 100% focus on you. We discuss what it is you want to achieve and by when. The how comes as an easy and natural part of the coaching process. There are always more options open to you than you may first think and when it comes to taking action a great deal depends on whether you have the WILL to want to do something – it will happen easily if you want to make a change rather than feel you have to. This provides an idea of coaching themes and an outline Personal Coaching Plan for you. Coaching sessions tend to build upon each other (Rome wasn’t built in a day). We review progress after 3 sessions. The reasons people request coaching are usually very specific to them however the benefits are universal:

Improved personal effectiveness, confidence and self belief
Improved self awareness, learning to adapt and connect to build positive and effective relationships
More decisive and strategic approach to decision making
Clarity on which roles suit your skill set best
Improved management and leadership skills

Coull Coaching also offers a range of specific training and facilitation services – all bespoked to individual needs