Psychometric Profiling

Coull Coaching is delighted to be in the unique position to be a UK and beyond Distributor for Insights Discovery – a powerful psychometric tool based on the psychology of the Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. 

Jung’s work inspired the founder of Insights, Andy Lothian, to put psychological type to 4 memorable colour energies.

Insights is an interactive and fun management and development tool. Our Insights workshops can be stand alone or integrated into core workshops. At our events, delegates “step out” – behavioural preferences using our life-size Insights mat and we talk about “preference” and “lead” colour energy. Insights Discovery does not stereotype or pigeon hole anyone. There are 72 possible positions your blend of colour preferences can result in – and no position is any better than the rest – all are equally valuable. 

Watch the Insights video below to learn more:

Key benefits of Insights Discovery:

  • Unique to each individual’s behavioural Preferences, engaging people in a life-long process of self-discovery maximising business performance &personal effectiveness
  • Leadership & Management Development  – learn about your unique style and work with your strengths and possible weaknesses to improve your impact and performance
  • Fast tracks communication and relationship building which helps unlock potential – enabling individuals & teams to optimise their full skills set at work and in life
  • An Organisational view of behavioural culture and personality strengths and possible areas for development
  • Improves “feel good factor” motivating and engaging individuals, teams and the wider workforce
  • Enables a common language of visual colour communication across teams and helps accelerate relationship building at an individual and organisational level
  • Improves understanding of difference in working style “at a glance” through visual colour lego bricks and assists conflict resolution in a positive/non-confrontational way
  • Working under pressure – understand how your behaviour changes under pressure and learn how to enhance your performance

For more information on detailed ROI case studies see:

We know from experience, teams that have a mix of the colour preferences will maximise their productivity and performance – let us help you discover your team preferences.

Insights Discovery Personal Profile 

By choosing to complete a personal profile you are making a commitment to receiving a Personal Development Plan which is sure to support your development for life. The Evaluator takes only 15-20 mins to complete and is highly accurate.

We provide your unique personal feedback – face to face, virtually by telephone or skype.  

I found the Insights Discovery process to be an incredibly rewarding experience.  Susan’s insights into how my beliefs and attitudes influence decision making, relationships, capabilities and blind-spots, have led to a better understanding of my personal value as well as my future development goals.  

My capacity to operate effectively within part of a larger team has certainly been enriched through this process.  I would highly recommend Susan’s services to any professional seeking to improve both personal and team performance through a journey of self-discovery.

Douglas Morrison

Associate director of innovation and STEM, City of Glasgow College

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